What are Lake Balls?

Also known as lake balls, our 'once loved' balls are imported from the US and Canada. Teams of divers with agreements with many of the top country clubs and golf resorts in North America reclaim the hundreds of balls lost in the hazards. Don't be surprised to receive a few balls with logos on from Pebble Beach and other PGA Tour venues! These balls tend to be superior in condition compared to European lake balls, and are retrieved regularily to ensure that they do not lose their condition or colour.

These balls are then washed in soapy water – no harsh chemicals – sorted and prepared ready for you to breath life back into!

Why should I purchase your balls?
We are quite aware that we are not the only source of balls that you can choose to purchase from. That is why we are BIG on the quality of our balls, sorted to the highest grading standards and delivered to you by recorded delivery carriers.

We do not sell refurbished golf balls
Refurbished balls are normally inferior quality balls that have the manufacturers top coating removed and then replaced with an inferior quality coating. In basic terms, the cracks are painted over! These balls do not play the same and do not offer the same feel that you would expect from the original brand. If we don't believe in them – we won't supply them to you.

Why don't you sell lake / reclaimed balls in quantities less than 24?
This is because we want to ensure you are getting the best deal on you purchase. Most customers buy on average of 48 balls, where the cost of shipping is relatively small compared to the cost of the products purchased. Although we keep our shipping charges to an absolute minimum, we are aware that there still is this cost to consider in what your purchase price totals.

If you are concerned about the risk of quality regarding what you will receive, don't forget that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our golf balls in any way, just return them in the condition you received them. We will then either replace them or refund you the cost of the purchase. No questions asked, no reasons needed.

I cannot find my favourite ball in your stock list?
If this is the case, please contact us with what you would ideally want us to stock and we will make best endeavours to get your ideal ball selection in.

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